The B.A.N.K. Story

BANKCODE Founder and Chairman Cheri Tree invented B.A.N.K. in the early 2000s out of a desperate need to sell more effectively– and an inability to find sales tactics that actually delivered as expected. Everyone seemed to agree that letting the prospect determine the presentation was a guaranteed path to success in sales, but no one seemed to agree on how to accurately figure out what individuals wanted. After studying a number of personality-based sales systems, Cheri realized the problem was that she had no accurate way of finding out their personality type without a long, often pricey assessment. That’s when she reverse-engineered the science to develop B.A.N.K.– the first system that Coded other people in seconds.

Cheri used B.A.N.K. to take her annual sales commissions from $72,000 to over $500,000 in a single year and to over $1 million in just three! People started clamoring to learn Cheri’s secret, and she was booked to speak at hundreds of conferences, events, and companies about her game-changing B.A.N.K. methodology. B.A.N.K. was changing lives– but Cheri knew that she could never share B.A.N.K. with the whole world alone.

Cheri struck out on her own in 2010 to start a training company focused exclusively on teaching B.A.N.K., and later a technology company, Codebreaker Technologies, to bring disruptive technology to the marketplace. With the help of a growing international team, Cheri created a company worth millions with clients in over 100 countries. B.A.N.K. has revolutionized the way we sell – and it will continue to change lives as the company expands.

The B.A.N.K. Journey
Our Corporate History

February 1998

Cheri Tree joins financial services direct sales company as an independent, commission-only agent

Cheri gets extremely frustrated with the idea that sales is a numbers game and seeks to find the missing link

1998 - 2003

March 2003

Cheri Tree reverse-engineers personality science to create B.A.N.K. based in buyology instead of psychology

Cheri hits record income over $1 million and shatters all sales records by earning $261,000 in 28 days using B.A.N.K. and training her sales team

December 2006

August 2008

Cheri resigns from her sales role to focus on developing B.A.N.K. into a product for the business world

Cheri begins training B.A.N.K. for private clients

April 2010

May 2011

B.A.N.K. is turned into our first profitable product, an instructional audio course sold for just $25

Cheri creates digital B.A.N.K. products and signs her first international clients via online webinars

July 2011

March 2013

Cheri signs a speaking contract with the largest personal development company in the world and is invited to speak at major international conferences

B.A.N.K. expands to Asia, starting in Malaysia and Singapore certifies the first group of trainers in Asia

April 2013

July 2013

B.A.N.K. expands to Africa, starting in South Africa and certifies the first group of trainers in Africa

B.A.N.K. expands to Europe, starting in the Netherlands and certifies the first group of trainers in Europe

October 2013

November 2013

B.A.N.K. is taught at Harvard to MBA students

B.A.N.K. PASS is launched, providing a personality typing technology to pinpoint a person’s B.A.N.K. Code online in less than 90 seconds

February 2014

July 2014

Cheri Tree gets nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year by ARWEY in Monte Carlo

Cheri Tree formalizes and registers her company as Codebreaker, Inc., DBA BANKCODE

October 2015

January 2016

Live B.A.N.K. Training Courses are expanded, formalizing our Signature Series curriculum

Independent study at San Francisco State University formally validates B.A.N.K. methodology, allowing us to publish our first white paper

March 2016

July 2016

The first B.A.N.K. Virtual Training courses go live inside the B.A.N.K. Vault with virtual interactive training courses, tracking, and accountability for individual subscribers and large sales team

Cheri Tree gets nominated as Innovator of the Year by the Orange County Business Journal

August 2016

July 2017

BANKCODE holds its first annual BANKICON international convention for all customers and trainers

Cheri’s book on B.A.N.K., Why They Buy, is released, providing BANKCODE with valuable international exposure and best seller status

July 2017

October 2018

Cheri Tree registers Codebreaker Technologies, Inc. as a new entity for the corporate enterprise sector

Codebreaker Technologies founds an Executive Advisory Board with Dr. Hans Keirstead and Neil Sahota as their first two EAB members

January 2019

March 2019

Forbes magazine publishes article online titled The Future of Sales, profiling B.A.N.K.’s upcoming launch of their artificial intelligence, Codebreaker AI

Google contracts us to bring in the B.A.N.K. system and train their top sales teams in their online cloud division

April 2019

May 2019

Cheri Tree gets invited to speak at the United Nations AI For Good Summit in Geneva, Switzerland

Cheri Tree announces new CEO of BANKCODE, and new CEO and President of Codebreaker Technologies, Inc.

July 2019

August 2019

Codebreaker Labs research division launches 2nd white paper for the direct sales channel, validating that B.A.N.K. drives revenue and recruitment

Codebreaker AI officially launches as a beta version of the world’s first artificial intelligence powered by B.A.N.K.

September 2019


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