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Studies show using B.A.N.K. to connect with people can help grow your direct sales business by an average of 86% more sales and 192% higher recruitment!


"Sales is not a numbers game. It's a people game. The B.A.N.K. system was created to maximize results in four key areas: Revenue, Recruiting, Rank, and Retention. At Codebreaker Direct Selling, we have the tools, training, and technology designed to give your sales force the winning, competitive advantage in today's global marketplace.” - Cheri Tree
Founder & Chairman | Codebreaker Technologies

Skyrocketing Revenue

B.A.N.K. is scientifically validated to increase sales and revenue up to 300%.

Consistent Recruitment

Communicate your offer to join the team in a way that’s appealing 100% of the time for growing, thriving downlines.

Accelerated Rank Advancement

Increase even your least productive distributors' ability to reach top ranks fast with our tools and technology.

Higher Retention

Keep your team motivated and excited about their businesses when you perfectly understand and serve their needs.

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Studies show that using B.A.N.K. to communicate a direct sales offer increases the likelihood that someone will buy your product by 86% and that someone will sign on as distributor by 192%. These numbers are game- changing for direct sales!.

Your Direct Sales Company Can’t Succeed without Exponential Revenue, Recruitment, Rank, and Retention

More sales are vital for growth. B.A.N.K. increases the probability of closing MLM sales by 86%. Watch shareholder value skyrocket.

Constantly grow your salesforce since B.A.N.K. increases the chance of recruiting each new prospect by 192%!

Watch your team flourish as rank advancement accelerates. They each succeed big-- and so does your company!

The average person joins a direct sales company for only 6 months. Retain more people longer for a higher ROI on recruiting and training them.

Codebreaker Direct Sales Provides the Tools, Training, and Technology Proven to Maximize Results at Every Level of Your Organization

Simple Fast

Accurately pinpoint anyone’s buying personality in seconds using our fun, yet professional Codebreaker tools, like BANKCARDS and the bestselling Why They Buy book.


Learn to leverage the Codebreaker system for maximum results with videos and resources by top B.A.N.K. experts. Benefit from exclusive DS courses that apply B.A.N.K. to the 4 R’s of direct sales.


Cutting-edge Codebreaker technology ensures that anyone can use B.A.N.K. Generate unlimited leads with BANKPASS and convert them with our AI that Forbes called “the future of sales”!


Studies show that using B.A.N.K. to communicate a direct sales offer increases the likelihood that someone will buy your product by 86% and that someone will sign on as a distributor by 192%. These numbers are game-changing for direct sales! Click on the button below to schedule your free DS consultation:

B.A.N.K. is a simple personality profiling system that can be used to pinpoint and speak effectively to another person’s “buying personality” in under 90 seconds without a more formal and complex assessment. The B.A.N.K. system also teaches custom communication and scripting formulas to better understand and appeal to each buying personality. 

B.A.N.K. is the only personality profiling system that empowers you to quickly and easily profile your prospect–the person actually making the decision– instead of yourself. Your team learns how to tailor their approach to the decision-maker. This is important because according to studies done by the Chally Group, only 18% of people are willing to buy from a salesperson whose approach doesn’t match their personality.

B.A.N.K. is not only based in personality science that has been used successfully to predict human behavior for hundreds of years, but B.A.N.K. has also been independently verified as a “quick, reliable, and valid” way to predict buying behavior in a study at San Francisco State University. Furthermore, B.A.N.K. has a track record of over 20 years of success in a wide variety of organizations and industries around the world. 

B.A.N.K. teaches learners how to be the most charismatic person in the room and how to make any product, service, or opportunity appealing to any prospect. These skills are vital in network marketing. Even better, we demonstrate how to build a massive passive income and a growing network marketing business using B.A.N.K. skills and proven business practices. 

When you are running a company, results matter. You want to optimize your business and maximize your results. While your top sellers are doing a great job, it’s not always easy to replicate that success. Our system is proven to work for anyone, not just your best people, and to ultimately deliver substantial ROI. While you may not want to micromanage the process, you have a vested interest in ensuring that no one is wasting time, energy, or money on losing tactics. B.A.N.K. can increase sales, recruitment, and retention at every level of your organization. New distributors have a simple system to launch their businesses successfully, while long-time team members feel reinvigorated by the growing successes in their downline without additional management responsibility. Everyone wins!

In sales, it doesn’t matter if your prospect is an introvert or an extrovert or whether they like to lead or follow. All that really matters to the bottom line is knowing how to get the YES. B.A.N.K.’s buying personalities distill traditional profiles down to the aspects of personality that impact decision-making (what they need and don’t want to see in order to accept an offer). This allows your team to better focus on what actually matters. You get all the information you need to genuinely connect with any prospect and make a sale without any fluff. 

There are only four elements that help you grow your business in the direct sales industry: Revenue, Recruitment, Rank, and Retention. When your team improves its mastery of each one, you ensure greater growth across the board. Even better, research shows that B.A.N.K. consistently delivers significant gains in each of these. Check out our white paper to learn more.

Any investment is worth the money if it has an ROI greater than the cost. Since B.A.N.K. has the power to grow your sales by up to 300%, you can realize significant returns on your investment for years to come.

Not long. Even with a very basic understanding of B.A.N.K., you can use the system to get measurable results. While the more you learn, the more effective you will be, B.A.N.K. was designed to be simple enough for anyone to leverage after a single training. 

As they say, let the shoemakers make the shoes. In this case, you should let the trainers train. We are experts in sales training, and we would love to bring that expertise to your team. You can focus on running a growing business while we make each salesperson a master of sales. Every single team member impacts your business’s success, so you can’t afford to have a single person struggling without the proven formula for maximum results. 


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