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Codebreaker Authenticator

Codebreaker Tech Announces of Patent Pending Technology

Orange County, CA – September 6, 2022 – Next up on the list of accomplishments for Codebreaker Technologies is the launch of Codebreaker Authenticator – the companies, patent pending solution for enterprise clients.

According to the company, their scientifically-validated methodology, known as B.A.N.K. is helping individuals determine their true personality – or the values that drive decisions and communication styles. This is what the company calls a customer’s BANKCODE – and it’s very powerful.

“As a business owner, once you know your customers’ BANKCODES, you can unlock the power to better engage with and support your customers, increase conversions and enhance customer experiences based on their individual codes,” said Codebreaker Tech Founder and Chairman Cheri Tree.

As part of Codebreaker Authenticator, the company’s scientifically validated methodology is seamlessly layered on top of a client’s or business’ customer portal, similar to CAPTCHA. Clients can also elect to embed Codebreaker Authenticator on any page of their website. From there, customers review a list of values specific to each BANKCODE, sorting those values from most important to least important. How they sort the values will determine the customer’s BANKCODE. “We call this cracking their code,” said Tree. “It literally takes only seconds.”

Once a customer’s code has been cracked, the business has access to priceless information – buying behavior, spending habits, engagement patterns and more. “Using Codebreaker Authenticator to determine your customers’ BANKCODE gives you access to valuable information that increases sales and conversion – positioning you to grow your business 10X,” said Tree.

Codebreaker Authenticator uses a systematic implementation approach and works directly with clients on complete project planning, implementation, analysis of data and how to maximize sales and marketing based on the data collected.

“Sales is not a numbers game. It’s a people game. And if your people matter, you’ll consider Codebreaker Authenticator non-negotiable, said Tree. “You can’t afford to run your business without it.”

About Codebreaker Technologies:

Codebreaker Technologies is the world leader in personality coding technology with clients in more than 180 countries. It’s scientifically validated methodology, B.A.N.K., predicts buying behavior and human engagement in nanoseconds – giving companies priceless information on their customers such as spending habits, engagement patterns and more. Companies utilizing the Codebreaker Technologies methodology have increased their sales 10X by better understanding their customers – what motivates them and what doesn’t.




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