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B.A.N.K. increases sales by 86% and recruiting by 192%

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Level Training - Access 20 brand-new modules in our entertaining and in-depth video Masterclasses with top B.A.N.K. experts on how to close more sales in less time. Kickstarter Pro even helps you increase your EQ (emotional intelligence) with 20 additional video modules for our Relationships Masterclasses.

Why They Buy eBook

Read B.A.N.K. creator Cheri Tree’sbest-selling and game-changing book that reveals what makes any prospect say YES to your offer or agree with your idea.

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Advanced BANKCODE Assessment - Discover deeper truths about yourself and the ways you make decisions with a more objective assessment and deeper, more detailed personality profile that gives you exact scores showing the strength of each code.

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4 week coaching program

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Take your business and life to the next level! It’s time to grow, earn more, and make a big impact! Get ready to step up your game.

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Accelerate your sales velocity and close more sales quickly when you address your prospect’s values and speak their code.


People do business with people they like. When you speak the same language as your prospects, you connect on a deeper level and have the ability to build a strong and thriving business.


So many people in direct sales never get past their company’s entry level ranks. We show you step-by-step our proven strategies to rank advance faster.


Happy customers and team members stay longer and drive referrals – and that means everyone wins! Let us help you save time and money so you can build your massive passive income streams.

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Today Only form $995.95 $499.95 (SAVE $500)

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