Go All-In On Your B.A.N.K. DESTINY and Earn Big as a CODEBREAKER TRAINER

Elevate the science of sales to artistry while you build a thriving small business as a CODEBREAKER TRAINER!
Develop the skills and get resources you need to build a thriving business teaching your B.A.N.K. mastery to others. Once you’re certified, keep 100% of revenues from your events. Just purchase your materials from us and pay our annual licensing fee, and you keep the rest!

As a singer, speaker, and presentation coach who loves the stage, becoming a Certified B.A.N.K. Trainer just made sense. It added the perfect complement of tools, training, and technology to my business model. This has created at least a 7x return on my investment and counting. Becoming a Trainer was one of the smartest moves of my career, and I’m having a lot of fun! - Stephanie Bonte-Lebair

See what being a TRAINER is really like!

Watch our video about becoming a CODEBREAKER TRAINER to find out why so many people are eagerly applying to join us!


Never worry about creating material. Simply use proven curriculum and marketing.


With the freedom to run your business your way, keep 100% of profits from your events.


Build a thriving business by helping others learn the universal language of B.A.N.K.


Understand everything there is to know about B.A.N.K. and use it for massive income, influence, and impact.


Certification Levels

We offer five certification levels sold in three packages. Each level adds the ability to teach higher level (and value!) courses.


Get certified to teach and coach the six Intelligences of the BANK IOS.

Learn to guide others to leverage the power of Personality Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Spiritual Intelligence.


In addition to L1, get certified to teach B.A.N.K. Fundamentals for Sales and Relationships and Speed Coding.

Learn how to explain how B.A.N.K. works and why it matters in sales and in life. To teach Speed Coding, you will hone your BANKCODING skills and learn how to effectively share that expertise.


In addition to L1-L3, get certified to teach Power Scripting and Communication Mastery.

Learn how to apply the B.A.N.K. communication Power Scripting formulas to customize any sales script to any individual BANKCODE in seconds. By combining emotional intelligence with B.A.N.K. communication, you will learn to to teach others how to connect with the most important people in their lives — and sell to the most influential people in any network.


Apply now to become a CODEBREAKER TRAINER. Over 80% of Forbes 500 companies and high-growth small businesses use personality-based training. As a CODEBREAKER TRAINER, you’ll be perfectly poised to fill that need, which is the recipe for success. Click on the button below to start your application:

Still have questions?

We have answers to our most common FAQs!

B.A.N.K. is the only personality profiling system that can be used to pinpoint another person’s “buying personality” without a formal assessment in under 90 seconds. Now that almost all companies use personality training, there’s a huge need for trainers, especially trainers certified to teach the only methodology scientifically validated to help you pinpoint and appeal to any personality time in nanoseconds.

B.A.N.K. is changing the way the world does business, but we can’t spread the universal language of people alone. We need experts who can bring our methodology to the masses. We’ll do everything we can to set accepted trainers up for success. We only succeed when you win big!

Personality assessments have become a vital tool for increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction, and integrating teams. Conferences and companies are searching for qualified experts to train on this subject. B.A.N.K. is the only system that can consistently deliver major results, so everyone’s clamoring for top CODEBREAKER TRAINERS — and people are eagerly applying to fill that need.

Any investment is worth the money if it has an ROI greater than the cost. Becoming a CODEBREAKER TRAINER may require a significant investment up front, but this is nothing compared to what you get back. You’ll have a certification and skillset valid for life, and unlimited income potential as an entrepreneur running your own business.

Absolutely. We’re here for you every step of the way. We have weekly mentorship calls and virtually unlimited resources to help you build a successful B.A.N.K. business.

No. Your license is with the Codebreaker Small Business division, focused on training small businesses worldwide. However, a select group of extra talented and experienced Trainers will be asked to participate in our other divisions.

Our B.A.N.K. Signature Courses make up the core of the CODEBREAKER curriculum and teach you everything you need to accelerate your sales velocity and communicate with each Code anytime. They are B.A.N.K. Fundamentals, Speed Coding, Power Scripting, and Communication Mastery. You can certify to teach the first two or all four.

Of course! It’s your business, so you’re in charge. Just remember that you need to pay the $5000 annual B.A.N.K. licensing fee in order to use B.A.N.K. resources.

It’s totally up to you! You don’t pay us a percentage of your earnings from your live events, so once you purchase your course materials and paid your annual licensing fees, all revenues are yours to keep. Plus, you can sell our tech subscriptions and earn additional massive and passive incomes steams!

No, we’re not a franchise. CODEBREAKER TRAINERS work independently and even define their own offerings and prices. You’ll have total freedom to run your business as you see fit, yet still be supported by Codebreaker Technologies and B.A.N.K. business resources.


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