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Attend our 2-day in-person B.A.N.K. training full of fun networking opportunities and interactive seminars led by our expert trainer team. We cover the full curriculum of our first two fun, but in-depth Signature Courses.

Our close rate prior to using B.A.N.K. was about 30%, and it normally took about 2 hours to close a deal. After using this methodology, our close rate has climbed to about 55%, but what is really nice is that the time it takes to close the sale is down to about 75 minutes.” - David Adlard, The Adlard Group

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We have answers to our most common FAQs!

B.A.N.K. is a simple personality profiling system that can be used to pinpoint another person’s “buying personality” without a formal assessment in nanoseconds. The B.A.N.K. system also teaches you custom communication and scripting formulas to better understand and appeal to each buying personality.

Anyone who is looking to supercharge their sales and change the way they communicate forever.

Of course! These are our introductory courses, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn B.A.N.K. basics from the ground up. While many attendees will have been exposed to B.A.N.K. in some form before, you’ll catch up quickly! skills are vital in sales.

Absolutely! According to the Research Institute of America you get up to 60% more out of a training when you combine online and in-person learning!

No. There will be breaks during the day for meals, during which you can get a bite at a local restaurant or snack on something you brought from home.

Our B.A.N.K. Signature Courses make up the core of the CODEBREAKER curriculum and teach you everything you need to accelerate your sales velocity and communicate with each Code anytime. They are B.A.N.K. Fundamentals, Speed Coding, Power Scripting, and Communication Mastery. We teach the first two courses at CODEBREAKER SUMMIT.

Of course not! B.A.N.K. offers two types of programs for individuals: virtual training through online courses and in-person events. Virtual Training is available through BANKVAULT which we offer through our EXPLORE subscription. At live events, you can find B.A.N.K. Signature Courses and other custom B.A.N.K. courses facilitated by our top trainers, including B.A.N.K. creator Cheri Tree.

Check out our Event Calendar now to see the dates and locations of our upcoming SUMMITS.

Thanks to our team of excellent Certified and Licensed CODEBREAKER TRAINERS, we regularly host events around the world. Check out our Event Calendar now to see when a CODEBREAKER SUMMIT will be happening near you.


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