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Report Revealed

Get a sneak peek at the critical information you’ll instantly uncover on each Zoom call
You can only appeal to your audience when you speak to what matters to them: their unique values, priorities, and underlying motivations.

Figuring that out is challenging enough in person, but it’s especially tricky over Zoom. That’s why Codebreaker AI Meeting Advisor Reports get right to what matters most for more effective communication and the fastest plan to get to the YES.

What’s Included in Each Report

About You

Discover how well you’re speaking in the desired BANKCODE throughout the call. Do your values align with everyone else?


Reveal BANKCODES, values and priorities of each participant. Understand the “why” behind behavior to communicate better.

Commitment and
Next Steps

Reveal how committed to your ideas everyone is so you know when someone is ready for the YES. Use the tips to follow up.

Are You Communicating Effectively?

Research shows that only 18% of people will buy from someone with a personality that doesn’t match their own. You obviously can’t transform your personality to complement everyone else’s, but you can mirror their language and speak to their values. A section all about you monitors your expressed BANKCODE, so you can check how well you matched everyone else’s personality with your own language!


Values and Priorities

Instantly identify the buying personality type of each person on the call! You’ll see which BANKCODE other people are using to communicate, as well as which BANKCODE you were successfully speaking to. The report will then identify the priorities and values of other participants based on their personality. With each BANKCODE revealed, you can instantly communicate and connect better!


Prioritizes order, planning, and dependability.


Prioritizes opportunity, risk-taking, and excitement.


Prioritizes community, teamwork, and making a difference.


Prioritizes data, evidence, and logic.

Follow Up

Your Guide to Getting the YES

Understand exactly what you need to do next to get the YES, thanks to the individual tips on how to follow up with each caller. You’ll also be advised of critical behaviors that will turn off that person and lose you the sale, so you can make sure to steer clear. When you combine this with the conversational commitment analysis, you’ll have a foolproof roadmap to the YES.

Conversational Commitment Analysis

Are They Ready to Buy In?

Nothing turns off a prospect like asking for the sale at the wrong time. In fact, over half of the time, customers report feeling that salespeople were too pushy, even though just 17% of salespeople recognized making that mistake.

Why? We have a hard time recognizing how committed other people are to our ideas! It’s even harder on Zoom with fewer cues that indicate others are ready to buy into our idea or accept our offer.

That’s where the Codebreaker AI Meeting Advisor conversational commitment measure comes in! See how engaged each Zoom participant was, so you know when the next step is the close or if your prospect needs more time.

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