Jack H.M. Wong

Jack H.M. Wong

Certified Coach and Trainer

Jack H.M. Wong is an Amazon best-selling author and an experienced workshop facilitator.  Prior to becoming a serial entrepreneur in 2011, Jack was an Associate Tax Director in an International accounting firm and a Senior Tax Associate in an international law firm for 17 years combined.  He has vast experience on advising clients consisting of Fortune 500 companies and public listed companies in Asia and the US.  He has been an Associate Faculty in International Tax at Singapore University of Social Sciences for more than 8 years. As an KBAN, Jack helps his small business owners and entrepreneurs by bringing on table his wisdom and insights on strategy formulation and system implementation, together with his years of experience on legal and tax structuring and compliance.

After meeting Cheri in Malaysia in 2013, Jack learned that all sales conversations are human-to-human in nature and he sees the need to work on his nurturing personality to be more compassionate and empathetic in his clients’ conversations.  As a BANKICON, not only is Jack able to close more deals in his businesses, but also continues sharing the real-world application of the B.A.N.K. methodology with over thousands of people across Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Vietnam,), Mauritius and recently, in several European countries.  In addition. Jack frequently helps other Certified & Licensed B.A.N.K. Trainers in our community by sharing what works in building and mastering their B.A.N.K. businesses online and offline.


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