Why They Buy

Unlock the Secrets, the Science, and the System You Need to Supercharge Your Sales and Build Lasting Relationships


Why They Buy is a game-changing book that answers the only question that ever matters to your business’ bottom line: Why do they buy? You see, most people think there is a single best way to sell any offer, when what really matters is serving the unique motivations of each customer. Cheri Tree teaches you her proven B.A.N.K. method to pinpoint the buying personality that’s driving your customer and use that to make the perfect sales approach and get them to say YES – in less than 90 seconds!

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that you can’t ever afford to stop learning new skills that will help you build your business. Why They Buy will teach you how to close more sales in a fraction of the time and maximize the influence of your message‒ both of which are vital to success. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to maximize your wins. Read Why They Buy today!


Increase Your Sales up to 300 %

Are you ready to increase your sales up to 300 percent? If so, you need to read Cheri Tree’s brilliant book, Why They Buy. This powerful book will teach you the secrets, the science, and the system to supercharge your sales and build solid relationships, personally and professionally. When you crack your prospect’s personality code, you can achieve record sales and real wealth that you can take to the BANK!


Crack others personality codes in less than 90 seconds
Connect quickly and on a deeper level with your prospects
Communicate clearly and effectively in any situation
Deliver memorable presentations that emphasize your core message
Accelerate customer acquisition and increase retention
Develop a highly trained sales force with a competitive advantage
Expand your business and lead your teams to record success
Maximize your influence and capitalize on your charisma

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