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After my first introduction to Codebreaker Technologies, I was intrigued but had no idea how powerful it would be in my business. By utilizing codebreaker technologies, our agency closes at 78% and my personal sales have increased by 450%. - John Major Harris III | NKAB


Yes, you can cancel at anytime.

To receive a refund from a Connect, Discover or Explore subscription you must (1) request the refund within 30 days of subscribing and (2) be on the yearly Connect, Discover or Explore plan (monthly subscriptions are not eligible for a refund).
You can change your plan at any time without losing any data or having to pay again. We automatically check if you or any invited users are on the Explore or Discover plans and convert the value of the remaining time in the lower-tiered plan into credit for your higher-tiered plan.
Yes, we do! The yearly billing option is about 20% cheaper than the monthly billing option for Discover and Explore plans.

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