Eric Goodman

Eric Goodman

Certified Coach and Trainer

Dr. Eric Goodman is passionate about making a difference and serving as a trainer and coach along with being the Senior Strategist for Codebreaker Enterprise because he recognizes the power of this proven methodology to deliver the soft skills necessary for high performance. As a KNAB, he serves as a catalyst for positive growth and transformation in the lives he touches and has helped thousands of individuals and dozens of organizations discover, leverage, and maximize their potential. He is an experienced facilitator of B.A.N.K. offerings to a variety of industries and has been involved with certifying other BANKCODE™ trainers with his engaging style that combines enthusiasm, knowledge, and drive.

Eric has more than 25 years of broad experience as a results-oriented leader and trainer in corporate and higher education settings. As a visionary innovator with a strong track record of success in creating effective cultures, accelerating performance, and creating a sustainable competitive advantage, he has been involved with custom corporate programs and worked with a variety of Fortune 500 organizations. A former professor with many years in the higher education “C-Suite” and another decade as a business school dean including leading one the of nation’s largest college of business, he brings information, strategies, systems, and best practices based on research to his clients. Eric holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a focus in Organization Development from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he also earned a master’s degree in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He holds a variety of other certifications including being a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


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