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With B.A.N.K.’s Trainer Certification Program, you learn everything you need to elevate the science of sales to artistry and build a successful business where you can teach that mastery to others. Our interactive live trainer certification program gives you the skills and resources you need to build a thriving B.A.N.K. business, especially since once you’re licensed, you keep 100% of revenue from events you organize. All you’ve got to do is pay your yearly license fee! 

Why Become a Trainer? 

As Forbes put it, B.A.N.K. is the future of sales! Since every business needs more sales, developing your expertise in the only personality-based sales methodology proven to increase the appeal of any offer in seconds gives you a massive advantage when it comes to building your own training, coaching, or consulting business. Over 80% of Forbes 500 businesses use personality training and need experts who deliver real results. B.A.N.K. Trainers are uniquely poised to provide that value in any setting. 

How You’ll Make BANK as an Affiliate in 3 Simple Steps

1. sign up

Secure your insider status in an explosive business opportunity with unlimited income potential by paying your $199 Affiliate fee.

2. train and implement

Use cutting-edge B.A.N.K. technology, tools, and Affiliate- only resources to expand your network. Leverage our coaching and training to multiply returns.

3. enjoy your success

Enjoy your success as a top, respected entrepreneur who’s helping your business community by sharing B.A.N.K.– all while making BANK yourself!

Build the Business of Your Dreams 

Keep total control and freedom to run your training business

BANKCODE’s not a franchise. Certified B.A.N.K. trainers work independently and even define their own offerings and prices.

Leverage proven, tested B.A.N.K. resources and curricula

Don’t worry about developing your own B.A.N.K. resources. We provide curriculum, slides, sales decks, case studies, and more. 

Enjoy unlimited ROI by keeping 100% of all revenues you earn

You don’t pay a percent of your events to BANKCODE. After paying your yearly $5,000 licensing fee, everything is your profit.  

Build on the expertise of top B.A.N.K. trainers as you start

Benefit from monthly coaching sessions on B.A.N.K. best business practices from mentors who’ve been where you are

Grow your business with trainer-only funnels, webpages, and marketing

B.A.N.K. is way too popular for our corporate trainers to handle alone. We need you to succeed, so we help you build your business. 

Go to BANKCODE Signature Series events free to see our approach

It’s hard to put on an event until you’ve seen it firsthand. We include tickets to courses by founder Cheri Tree and other top trainers. 

Choose your certification level to suit your current needs

Rather than requiring everyone to certify our full program of courses, we’ve broken it into levels so you can specialize for your needs. 

Make your trainer certification into whatever you want it to be

Being a B.A.N.K. trainer opens doors. We let you choose which ones you want to walk through-- then we help you succeed big there!  

B.A.N.K. Trainer Certification Levels 

We offer four certification levels that each add the ability to teach higher level (and value!) courses. Certify to any level that makes sense for the way you want to sell yourself to the world.  

L1 Certification 

Get certified to teach B.A.N.K. Fundamentals. Learn to clearly explain how B.A.N.K. works and why it matters. B.A.N.K. Fundamentals is our most popular course for new customers, so you’ll have an opportunity to become the local go-to leader introducing small businesses to B.A.N.K.

L2 Certification 

Get certified to teach B.A.N.K. Fundamentals and Speed Coding. Learn to Code as a second nature, as well as how to effectively convey that expertise to others.     Over 85% of attendees of Fundamentals go on to take Speed Coding. You can only take advantage of this as an L2 trainer.    

L3 Certification 

Get certified to teach B.A.N.K. Fundamentals, Speed Coding, and Power Scripting. Learn how to apply the B.A.N.K. communication formula to improve and customize any sales script to any individual Code in seconds. 

 By adding Power Scripting, you become more attractive to small businesses and entrepreneurs who need to know how to improve their sales scripts above all. 


L4 Certification 

Get certified to teach B.A.N.K. Fundamentals, Speed Coding, Power Scripting, Communication Mastery, and more. Learn how to connect with the most important people in your life– and the most influential people in any network.  

If you want to secure high-worth enterprise clients, L4 is the best option. You can offer any B.A.N.K. training in-house. 


Not sure which certification level is right for you?

Our most successful trainers certify to L4! Here’s why: 

Leverage the full power of the B.A.N.K. system. Increase your ROI by acquiring tangible assets that practically cover your entire initial cost. 

Get the highest- profile and most profitable clients. Score big fish who only want trainers who can take them to the finish line. 

Go deep and explore all the ways to communicate better for true personal development. Be a part of the supportive L4 trainer network. 

Actually live up to the expertise you claim as a trainer when you can teach it all with a big picture view. Understand the science fully.  

Gain respect in your community as a successful small business owner. Be a leader who trains our proven system professionally. 

Be your own boss with the freedom only possible outside a franchise. Have fun while skyrocketing your income as an entrepreneur. 

Help others develop key skills and succeed when you share B.A.N.K. Build a business you believe in and support your family.  

Access cutting-edge science and the latest in personality science as part of the B.A.N.K. team. Become a true B.A.N.K. expert. 

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